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game ux research – a list

Since I haven’t written anything in ages, a blog post about career and job hunting seemed apropriate, no? My experience in grad school has taught me one thing: job hunting should never stop.
And, right now, the never ending quest is to learn about game user research and design.

so, what does a game user researcher do?

Test. Research. Find outcomes: too many people died on level three.

Despite the cheekiness, game research is a small, but fascinating (and growing) field. Jane McGonigal calls game designers happiness engineers. And, if game designers are engineering happiness, researchers are happiness investigators who have a hand in crafting the fun (that doesn’t get in the way of usability) during gameplay.

However, who’s hiring happiness investigators?

David Sinclair is curating a list of game companies that have UX researchers and designers in their ranks.  In the spirit of compiling lists, here are a few resources I’ve found helpful in the game user research job hunt.

I’ll update this list as I learn more.

Happy researching!

Game researchers who blog and do other things

Marina Kobayashi

Steve Bromley

Ways to find a mentor

Game Mentor Online

Notable researchers

Jane McGonigal

Heather Desurvire

Mary Flanagan