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like.love.lust | 3 things to do, see and play

Snail mail makes its way onto my like, love and lust list – along with a game giving my hometown some love.

a prototyping story

A class assignment:   The geek in me is immediately drawn to number 3. Later on, my husband fusses: “Why didn’t you pick the more realistic stuff?” Me: It’s more fun – it’s a battle planner! Husband: You need to do the realistic stuff – no one is going to understand a medieval battle app….

game ux research – a list

Since I haven’t written anything in ages, a blog post about career and job hunting seemed apropriate, no? My experience in grad school has taught me one thing: job hunting should never stop. And, right now, the never ending quest is to learn about game user research and design. so, what does a game user…