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a prototyping story

A class assignment:

prototyping assignment screen shot
A class prototyping assignment


The geek in me is immediately drawn to number 3.

Later on, my husband fusses:

“Why didn’t you pick the more realistic stuff?”


It’s more fun – it’s a battle planner!


You need to do the realistic stuff – no one is going to understand a medieval battle app.


No words. Just brokenhearted šŸ™

Three days later, I’m boring myself to tears with ideas about the other two problem spaces: apps for medical records, nurses andĀ anesthesiologists. I try brainstorming something fun for the crime application: a half-interested redesign inspired by the ARI featured in Heavy Rain Ā comes to mindĀ (I can’t stop being a game geek, ever).

It didn’t make my heart flutter.

So, I just went with my gut. And, ignored my husband’s words:

Splash page of Pwn It! application
Pwn It! splash page



Pwn It! was a two week endeavor and a crash course in Axure that still makes my head spin. Extra points if you already know what “pwn” means. Read more about it here.